A broad range of topics will be covered during the conference. Papers related to the following topics are suitable for submission to the conference:

Agriculture, forestry and fisheries

Biodiversity and ecology

Building Systems and Processes

Building Assessment Methods and Tools

Building Information Modeling Systems

Climate change

Collaboration for sustainability in Asian region

Corporate stewardship and risk management

Creative thinking approaches and sustainability

Cultural heritage

Computer Science

Disaster and conflict

Education for Sustainable Development

Energy: Oil, gas and renewable fuels

Energy: Power generation and transmission

Environmental information infrastructure for sustainable development

Environmental Impact Assessment

Finance and Sustainable Investing

Food Systems Resilience

Governance and Regulations


Impact Assessment Law and Policies

Indigenous Peoples

Innovation and technology in the built environment

Innovative and Inclusive Urban Landscapes

Integrated Assessment of Trade-Related Policies

Natural disasters and resilience

Man-made disasters: preparedness, emergency response and rehabilitation

Renewable Energy Sources and the Built Environment

Resilience planning

Resilience in the built environment

Resilience in the natural environment

Smart Buildings, Smart cities and BIM

Smart Urbanism

Socio–economic considerations in a Sustainable Built Environment

Social innovation for sustainable living

Social impact assessment

Strategic environmental assessment

Sustainable management

Sustainable Building Design

Sustainable Architecture/Interiors and Landscapes

Sustainable Real Estate Development

Sustainable Construction

Sustainable Planning

Sustainable Development

Sustainability of water resources

Sustainable Refurbishment

Sustainable Materials Engineering

Sustainable Urbanism

Transportation, land use and sustainability

Population change and sustainability assessment

Public participation

Urban Regeneration and Spatial Planning